Shane Mosley Says If He Hits Manny Pacquiao 'It Will Be Really Deadly'

When welterweight Steve "2pound" Forbes (35-9, 11 KOs) climbs into the ring on June 17 in Austin, Texas, he will be facing more then just the power laden punches of Karim "Hard Hitta" Mayfield. If he loses, Forbes turn into nothing more then the bottom feeder. If he wins, your sky is the limit for the 34-year-old former IBF champion.

Mouthy Malignaggi: 'Midget' Pacquiao Is Phony Superman


If this is actually the case, for we know, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. the employing right test beaters, someone on the inside caliber of Conte, assist him cheat his examines. Just because he is crying about this whole drug testing, doesn't absolve him any kind of suspicion. There's more they say about that individual who's first to ask "who farted?" If you don't, the words goes, it's often them who let one rip- or anything. For the record, both Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao have never failed any drug, steroids or banned substance tests of any sort. But because of statements made from the Mayweathers regarding Pacquiao taking "substances", "drugs", "A-side meth", "power pellets" and whatever else, couple of different methods those who have been led to think that Pacquiao is doping to win in the ring.

I require admit the promotion along with UFC for UFC 100 puts most boxing promotions to pity. Probably because boxing promoters sell the show's off a few casino together with network and wipe their hands any specific promoting moreover a mid week press conference.

David Haye and Wladimir Klitshcko will fight on July 2nd live out of the Hamburg Imtech Arena in Germany. The stadium holds around 55,000 die-hard boxing fans. To view on facebook will air on HBO in American but is expected to bring in tens of millions of dollars around the world.

Mega stars on the immediate horizon is likely to be named Lopez, Valero, Gamboa, and Donaire. Freddie Roach is currently training Guillermo Rigondeaux, a Cuban defector and two-time Olympic gold medalist (2000 and 2004). Rigondeaux has mad skills and just scored his third win by knockout earlier this month. The guy needs a nickname though because typing "Guillermo Rigondeaux" is nothing at all than a spell check nightmare and recipe for carpal tunnel syndrome. G-Deaux? The Cuban Kid? For any of you who are not familiar with him, a connection to his professional debut is provided below.

Just as with boxing match pitting two great fighters, earth will be split on who has got a clear advantage on this match. Pacquiao was less dominant in his most recent fights, and Bradley could possibly get a pointer or two from his fellow orthodox Juan Miguel Marquez exactly how to to prevent Pacquiao's punches from bringing.

De La Hoya and Schafer publicly apologized to Manny several weeks ago and were dropped off of the suit. Any formal apology from Floyd could have ended this complete legal matter but instead he responds by creating a t-shirt saying "Take the Test" together a little pac-man character on this item.

Vivek W.: I'm sure this Manny Pacquiao Foundation fight could fall as potentially a "Fight of the Year" patient. Both men are very dangerous but diversely. After the very questionable outcomes in the two fights he against Manny Pacquiao, Marquez earned a newer respect, not really among his contemporaries on sport, additionally in your brain of fight fans. Diaz is additionally a beast. He lost with a very 'game' Nate Campbell, but most soon learn that Campbell is more desirable than he's given credit for. Much more than 30 plus fights, no one else has managed to do in order to Diaz what Campbell been able to because of him, connect with one another won't happen here or perhaps. I don't know who wins this fight in the end, but it'll certainly helluva showdown. Get your popcorn ready!

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